Red Wine Vinegar, a bit redundant there.

Since I am mentioning brewing of alcoholic beverages (ethanol), I thought that I would share something kind of funny that has to do with it. You see ethanol forms as the result of microorganisms, yeasts and bacteria, breaking down sugar molecules for energy, without the use of oxygen. So ethanol forms due to anaerobic (an = “without”, aerobic = “air”) processes.

Theses microorganisms would still break down sugars if air were present, but the result would be different. Instead of ethanol forming to make a potentially alcoholic beverage, acetic acid (also called ethanoic acid) would form. The term “acetic” comes from latin and means “sour.”

What is even more interesting is that the more common name for acetic acid, “vinegar” ALSO comes from latin. It comes from “vinum” = wine + “agar” = sick. So vinegar forms because the wine is sick.


So vinegar made from red wine is a bit redundant. ALL vinegars, an acetic acid beverage, form as an alternate for of an ethanolic beverage. I suppose beer base vinegar would be interesting too though.

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