Alcohol, really? Being a bit general here.

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So I am going past this bar and I see a sign outside that says, “Alcohol” with an arrow pointing into the bar. As a Chemist I think to myself, “Well that seems rather general.” I go in and talk to the bartender and say, “Really, you want people to drink Sterno and wound cleaner?” He asks what I am talking about and I mention the sign outside. It clicked and he snickered, saying in a joking manner, “Yes exactly we are trying to kill our customers.”


For those not picking up on the joke, “alcohol” as a chemistry term is very general. It indicates a hydroxyl group (Oxygen single bound to Hydrogen) singly bound to a chain of carbons. You can have several of them actually, two -OH groups (a “di-” alcohol) or three (tri-) or more. The shortest chain of carbons to which this applies is not a chain at all, but one carbon, forming methanol (the main burning agent in Sterno). Concentrated alcohols are toxic to microorganisms which is why an alcohol, namely propanol that you can pick up in the drug store, is rubbed on your when you are injected with a needle or receiving a cut. Of course if you drink these, it would kill you too.

The alcohol found in beer, wine, and spirits / hard liquor (which requires a special technique) is a two carbon chain long alcohol that can be poisonous in large / concentrated enough amounts, but relaxes you (too much if you consume a lot) in smaller amounts. This is “Ethanol” (note concentrate this is also flammable and is sometimes made for that purpose like in small flammable lighters. Not very pleasant to consume.

So this (ethanol) is something to think about when consuming an “alcoholic beverage.”


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Acronyms; Greetings, lets see what you would like to learn.

I go by Frank (you may need or want to call me something) and I am an intellectual type. I have always been a curious individual who loves to learn. I will be trying to update this website with new things for you to learn.

There is an old saying, “learn something new everyday.” I agree with that statement and feel that we should (and most likely do) learn something new everyday). I may not post everyday but I will try to keep frequent updates. Someone may be reading this everyday and learning something though.

The name that I have chosen demonstrates something that you can learn. The URL “” is based on my own acronym. If you look up the word “acronym” you would find that it is a word where the letters of a word stand for other words that make up a phrase. For example, the term “laser” stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (l.a.s.e.r.).

There are lots of acronyms, even the term NASCAR is an acronym (look it up!). As you may have guessed, “learn something new every day” was my idea for the name of this blog. There are lots of acronyms and there are even acronyms in other languages! (I have a fun one to tell you later).

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