A reason, Acronym in ancient Greek

One of the things you may be asking is, why would you be such a curious person?

I was always very naturally curious, wanting to know why things are the way they are, so I would look things up. I would find encyclopedias (before wikipedia was around, expect to see links to that) and look up ideas. Sort of like the kid who asks his parents “why is the sky blue?” and gets handed an encyclopedia.

After a while I looked so many things up (sometimes repeatedly to remember them) that I became a walking encyclopedia. Some people like that, others don’t. Feel free to ask me something in comments and I may look it up. Again if you appreciate some of what you are learning please click on some of the links that I will provide and / or donate to the account links that I will provide.

As the last piece was about acronyms here is a wikipedia article on acronyms. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acronym

I mentioned acronyms in other languages, like the ancient Greek word ichthys, or “fish.”  ἰχθύς. The letters in this word were used to spell a phrase that translates, Jesus Christ God, Son and Savior. 

Another neat thing to learn is that the term Christ, which came from the Greek word, Χριστός, was often abbreviated with its first one or two letters, Χ  or ΧρThis led to a common abbreviation of Christ with Χ as indicated in the word Χmas. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xmas

This is among the first of things that I looked up in an encyclopedia as a child. With the internet and information as accessible as it is now, people should be looking this up.


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Acronyms; Greetings, lets see what you would like to learn.

I go by Frank (you may need or want to call me something) and I am an intellectual type. I have always been a curious individual who loves to learn. I will be trying to update this website with new things for you to learn.

There is an old saying, “learn something new everyday.” I agree with that statement and feel that we should (and most likely do) learn something new everyday). I may not post everyday but I will try to keep frequent updates. Someone may be reading this everyday and learning something though.

The name that I have chosen demonstrates something that you can learn. The URL “lesoned.wordpress.com” is based on my own acronym. If you look up the word “acronym” you would find that it is a word where the letters of a word stand for other words that make up a phrase. For example, the term “laser” stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (l.a.s.e.r.).

There are lots of acronyms, even the term NASCAR is an acronym (look it up!). As you may have guessed, “learn something new every day” was my idea for the name of this blog. There are lots of acronyms and there are even acronyms in other languages! (I have a fun one to tell you later).

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If you like what you learned I could use a tip.
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