I go by Frank and I am an intellectual type who was always curious and wanted to learn things. As a child I would often ask “Why” something was a certain way and in the absence of a solid answer I would look up an answer using encyclopedias and dictionaries (among others). I did it so much that I would get described as a walking encyclopedia.

I still do it and with the internet and lots of information going around (A “Free Market of Ideas”) individuals can look up tons of things, but sometimes won’t know where to start. So This page (https://lesoned.wordpress.com) will have posts about interesting facts and useful information (and likely links to other sites that do the same thing).

If you like what you learn I will likely attach the gofundme account to this website where I would appreciate a small donation for the lesson (a “tip” if you are familiar with that). The basic unit of currency from your country (a dollar) would be nice and more if you are particularly appreciative.

Alternately you can go to the corresponding blog at http://www.lsned.info where following ads can earn me a commission. This is a nice alternative if you can show your appreciation but do not have money to give.

Thanks and enjoy learning!


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