Cooking is chemistry!

If anyone would like a question answers they are welcome to comment and ask me as I get readers (I am new now so I don’t expect many people but I am just starting and starting to promote my site so this will take time. (I saw people asking the question “Why are manhole covers round,” a common interview question and I can tell you why in a moment). I am a chemist professionally and it is interesting because many in my family love to cook. What is really interesting is that, cooking IS chemistry. Cooking is commonly defined as the usage of mixing and preparation techniques of items intended for consumption, often involving heat. Chemistry has to do with the examination and change of matter substances at the molecular level. The thing is, heat and preparation of items involved for consumption causes molecules of the items to change. You could examine food at the molecular level biochemically speaking and see that the food is made up of biological molecules, things like proteins and carbohydrates. Those things change when mixed and heated. Do milk eggs and flour when mixed together in the right proportions look anything like they did originally after being mixed and baked into a cake? There are even specialists in food chemistry.

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